Frequently Asked Questions

We've put together a list of reasonably frequently asked questions. If you have any suggestions or need any help using MultiURL, please contact us.

Is MultiURL free?

Yes! Our service is totally free.

Do I have to register?

No, you may use MultiURL without registration. However if you would like to easily keep track of your links and edit them, you should consider creating an account.

How long will generated links last for?

The links that we provide will never expire as long as they are clicked on at least once a year.

Can I change the generated links?

Yes! You may specify your own alias for any of the links you have generated. In fact, you may use keywords in your alias to make links search engine friendly.

Can I protect my links?

Yes! If you prefer you can specify a password for your link groups. Anyone accessing protected links will be prompted for a password.

Are MultiURL links case sensitive?

Yes. Aaaa and AAAA are not the same and will direct to completely different URLs.